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  • What Newborn Alpacas Really Look Like?

What Newborn Alpacas Really Look Like?

The Newborn Alpacas are born with a slimy, wet coat. They are protected from amniotic fluid by a substance called vernix. This vernix can cause baby’s hair to become matted, so it…

Brown Anole lifespan Everything you need to know about Brown Anoles

The Scientific name of Brown Anole is Anolis Sagrei, Brown Anole were first reptile recorded to be introduced to Florida. They were accidentally introduced to Florida during the latter half of the…

Frogs Eyes | What makes Frogs Eyes Special?

Frogs are famous for their unusual and amazing body parts, from long legs and bones, to their mouths that are wide and permeable skin. However, their huge eyes that protrude…

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